Yaxi (CHI) - Pier Giorgio Oliveti and Barbara Paron Visit Yaxi


Pier Giorgio Oliveti and Barbara Paron arrived in Gaochun on June 29. They visited Yaxi Cittaslow accompanied by of the technician Ms. Cherry Chen and vice director Ms. Zhao Yuhua of Yaxi Cittaslow. 

They were interested in the Cittaslow Museum and affirmed the efforts that Yaxi had made to promote cittaslow culture. Cittaslow Museum is one showing the origin and development of cittaslow, local culture and customs, as well as characteristics of cittaslow members in other countries. When travelling around the area, Mr. Pier Giorgio Oliveti was attracted by the signs in four languages including Italian along the road. He thought highly of Yaxi for what they have done, and Ms. Barbara Paron also regarded Yaxi as a gorgeous town. 

Pier Giogrio Oliveti will visit Shimenshan which became Cittaslow member on the assembly held in Abbiategrasso on June 20.