Yaxi (CHI): The Fourth Tourism Festival of Golden Flowers


Every year from late March to early May, it's the best time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of rape blossom in Yaxi slow city. This year from March 31st to May 6th is our 4th tourism festival of golden flowers. Golden rape blossom have attracted thousands of tourists to visit Yaxi slow city. Every visitor has been treated with Yaxi slow food warmly and hospitably. And we have a series of activities to welcome different groups of visitors including Slow Cycling, Children's Kites Assembly, Tents Party.

Slow Cycling: cyclers always compete in speed. However, cyclers are asked to run as slowly as they can in Yaxi Slow Cycling in a set distance. Winner will be the one who takes the longest time, no falling down, no foot touching the ground.

Children's Kites Assembly : Children from nearby schools gather together to fly their beloved kites of different shapes and their dream in the surrounding of golden rape blossom.

Tents party: Outdoor enthusiasts gather together in the night of Yaxi slow city. They put up tents and barbecue grills , they set up the bonfire singing and dancing and They enjoy everything Yaxi presents them in the charming spring.