Yaxi (CHI) - Cole Flowers Tourism Festival in Cittaslow Yaxi


the morning of March 26th, the opening ceremony of The Eighth Cole Flowers Tourism Festival was held in Taohuashan Square inCittaslow Yaxi.

The president of Cittaslow International Mr. Stefano Pisani also sent his best wishes by video. The festival lasts from March 26th to May 6th. A variety of activities consisting the traditional ones and new ones will be held during the period.

The photography competition, tent party, parent-child activities, bicycle race, concert sculpture show, live-drawing activity and so forth offer tourists opportunities to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery, experience pastoral life, appreciate folk culture and know more about cittaslow.

What’s more important is that Yaxi invited professors and students from Ancel Keys to make Italian food on scene. Pizza, tiramisu and doughnut attracted a great number of tourists.

They were very happy that they ate the authentic Italian food and thought that such activities promoted them to know more about different cultures.