Gaochun/Yaxi (CHI) - Students from University of Bern, Switzerland Came to Yaxi


A group of 24 teachers and students led by Heike Mayer from Economic Geography Institute of the University of Bern,Switzerland had their field trip in Cittaslow Yaxi from June 24 to 26. They all have subject related to cittaslow or slow food. So during their stay they have given us valuable advices on the development of Cittaslow Yaxi.

"We come with the subject of cittaslow, cittaslow in China, to see and to understand the environment and life in Yaxi." Research Assistant Daniel Faeh told the journalist.

On Tao Huashan Square, they saw several women weeding; Prof. Mayor went up to talk with them on their life and cittaslow. After that, Heike said it is a great idea for Yaxi to apply and become a member of CI. Talking about the first impression Yaxi, Heike said,when she stepped into Yaxi, she saw an eyeful of green trees and butterflies flying every where and famers happy working. And also, to be a cittaslow means to advocate traditional lifestyle. Cittaslow life can bring a regular and healthy happy life to everyone.

In Dashan Village, they enjoyed the local slow food of Yaxi Cittaslow. What's more, they had a discussion with local government leaders on the theme "potential and Challenge of Yaxi/Gaochun". Local leader described the construction and future planning of the"Yaxi Cittaslow". Teachers and students had a lively discussion on the differnces betweenCittaslow in China and Cittaslow in western world and gave us valuable advices on future development of Yaxi.

The delegation suggested that in Cittaslow planning and construction of Yaxi, be sure to highlight the village history, culture and regional characteristics. It is of great importance to dig out all the traditional craft skills and then to pass it on from generation to generation. There should be a balance between the healthy development of Cittaslow and the economic benefits and social benefits. Government leaders take it seriously for their advices and suggestion, Yaxi will develop in a realcittaslow way.