Gaochun/Yaxi (CHI) - Slow City Summit Held in Gaochun


The Third China High-Level Forum of Consumer Economy • Slow City Summit was held in Gaochun in June. Experts, scholars and celebrities from national economic sector and business community, cultural area attended the forum.
The high-level forum of the Chinese consumer economy was initiated by the China Light Industry Association in 2004. It is the only permanent forum which takes "consumer economy" as its theme in Chinese mainland now. The theme of the forum is "to lead the trend of consumption, create new consumption patterns". It was co-hosted by the Organizing Committee of the High-Level Forum of Chinese consumer economy in urban and rural development, Chinese Economic Laws Research Centre Economic Commission, the China Consumer Center for Economic Research and Consumer Daily.
During the forum, the organizers released the "2013-2014 Chinese Consumer Market Trend Reports, analyzed and forecasted the future consumer market trends closely related to people's lives. Qian Wenzhong, expert and Professor of Fudan University, gave speech on the development of "Slow City and Slow Life"; Bao Yujun ,the well-known economist and famous travel expert Liu Simin, National School of Administration professor Zhang Xiaode and expert in Ministry of Commerce, Hong Tao they all released a wonderful speech; Zhao Ping, consumer economy expert and researcher in Ministry of Commerce gave us a theme report.
To advocate for "slow city" concept, to explore the town's sustainable development path and a healthy lifestyle of people, the Forum Organizing Committee organized experts to conduct the 2012 annual top ten cities contest in China as early as March of this year. They are" China's top ten towns and villages for Slow Travel "," the most influential brand in Chinese consumer market" and"China's most influential commodity trading market". The list of winners was announced on this forum. Gaochun was awarded "China Top 10 Sites for slow travel" .Yaxi town won the "China Top Ten villages for slow travel". Gaochun aquatic products wholesale Co., Ltd., "Gu Chenghu Lake crabs." And Gaochun Ceramics Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Witte Penny won the the most influential brand in Chinese consumer market.
In addition, the Forum also issued a Declaration on "Slow City" to summon the whole society to promote a healthy, safe, green, restrained consumer attitudes and lifestyles, to appeal to the whole community to create more harmonious relationship between man and nature, man and society, people and people, so that everyone can enjoy the slow life, and become the creators and disseminators of the slow life, thus making everyone contented every day from slowing down their pace of life and bring fulfillment and happiness to everyone.