Webinar on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

On 19 February 2013 at 14.00 am (Brussels GMT+1) the Covenant of Mayors Office will host a webinar in collaboration with the Eltis Urban Mobility Portal on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning.

Transport-related CO2 emissions largely account in the overall greenhouse gas emissions of a local authority. For this reason, transport is a key field of action for Covenant Signatories in the development of their Sustainable Energy Actions Plan (SEAP). Investing in sustainable urban mobility is important not only to reduce CO2 emissions but also to offer integrated and sustainable mobility options to the citizens while improving their quality of life.

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) which are a complementary tool to the SEAPs define a set of interrelated measures designed to tackle efficiently transport-related problems in urban areas. The purpose of the webinar is therefore to explain the methodology and essential requirements to design a SUMP and to reflect on how this methodology can allow for improving SEAPs. To know more about SUMPs refer to this brochure.

The webinar will feature a presentation by Aurore Asorey andChristophe Doucet from Tisséo-SMTC Toulouse. The signatory city of Toulouse has been pioneering in sustainable urban mobility planning for the past twelve years.

Ivo Cré from the Eltis Urban Mobility Portal will present the methodology and essential requirements to design a SUMP.

A link to join the webinar will be provided on the newsfeed/homepage of the Covenant of Mayors Extranet/My Covenant section which Covenant Signatories, Coordinators and Supporters can access with their profile login information. An instruction document on how to take part in the webinar will also be available in this location. The webinar will be held in English, and participation is limited to an estimated 100 people.

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