Wando, Corea: eco Marine Town Forum

Wando County

Cittaslow International "eco Marine Town Forum" was held inCittaslow Wando, Corea on April 25 where participants discussed the way to promote the sustainable and artistic values of marine towns in the world adopted the 2014 Wando Joint Communiqué. The second forum will be held in Cittaslow Goolwa, Australia in 2016. The participant list and the details of 2014 Wando Joint Communiqué are as follows.

Cittaslow Berwick upon Tweed (Great Britain) - Chair Bernard Shaw
Cittaslow Kristinestad (Finland) - Mayor Riitta El-Nemr
Cittaslow Sokndal (Norway) - Mayor Trond Arne Pedersen
Cittaslow Cowichan Bay (Canada) - Mayor Lori Iannidinardo
Cittaslow Goolwa (Australia) - Mayor Kym McHugh
Cittaslow Seferihisar (Turkey) - Mayor Tunç Soyer
Cittaslow Sedgefield (South Africa) - Alderman Doris Nayler
Cittaslow International (Italy) - President Gian Luca Marconi - Director Pier Giorgio Oliveti
Cittaslow Wando (Corea) - Mayor Jongsik Kim
the National Cittaslow Corea Network - Coordinator dehyun sohn

2014 Wando Joint Communiqué

Our planet may have another name, a water sphere, not earth sphere, because 70 percent of the Earth is water, and 97% of the water on Earth is in the ocean, or saltwater while 3% is freshwater.

Sea is a beautiful future for human beings and a place where they will return, therefore, we need to go for the ancient future while seeking symbiosis of nature, art, and human beings like a snail. Now, marine Cittaslow member towns are determined to adopt the declaration in hope of that we share innovative ideas freely beyond the national or geographical limit like marine creatures that have no national boundaries. Human beings are not an isolated island.

We resolve to protect the slow and affluent sea for a slow life as artwalk*, seeking "the international network of cities where living is easy."

We resolve to protect water resources as a repository of food against a shortage of food and the eco marine product diversity against overfishing and indiscriminate development.

We resolve to promote the Sea Chain campaign to help forests enrich rivers and rivers improve sea.

We resolve to endure a less convenient life to help reduce carbon emission as global warming increases the rise in sea level.

We resolve to protect the marine ecosystem through introduction of the water footprint* concept into policies as climate changes ruin biodiversity and increase the ocean acidification.

We resolve to seek a fundamental solution to root out the sources of sea pollution; the dumping of domestic waste like plastics, livestock wastewater, and industrial wastewater, oil spillage, and nuclear power plants.

We resolve to support the education of the next generation marine professionals and to construct an international network for sustainable future of marine member towns, cooperating and sharing ideas to create innovative convergence as homo empathicus.

We resolve to name a meeting of marine member towns as "eco Marine Town Forum" and hold it biannually, including a video conference.

We resolve to nominate "PYMF: the Person of the Year in Marine & Fishery" per town for sustainable development of the marine member town network.