Eurovision Song Contest, Cittaslow Netherlands support Douwe Bob

In his Eurovision song 'Slow Down' Douwe Bob calls to take the time and get away from the rush and speed of our society.

The Cittaslow municipalities in the Netherlands are pleased with this message. Cittaslow Netherlands, a network of eight municipalities, is committed to quality of life, where you should take the time to enjoy it.

On behalf of the Cittaslow municipalities a letter has been sent to Douwe Bob. They wish him every success at the Eurovision song contest. They state that they are happy with the message he conveys in his song which makes him "not only musically, but also in substance a winner," they write.

What is Cittaslow?
Cittaslow is a network of communities around the world, where life is good. Municipalities seeking the highest quality of life for their residents and visitors.

Tradition, cultural heritage and quality are key concepts in the philosophy of Cittaslow. We should take time to enjoy that and to be released from our from our lifestyle always on the run.

In the Netherlands, eight municipalities the Cittaslow label: Midden Delfland, Borger-Odoorn, Alphen-Chaam, Vaals, Heerde, Bellingwedde, Vlagtwedde and Echt-Susteren.
More than 200 municipalities worldwide in 30 countries are affiliated with the network.

Douwe Bob - Slow Down