VIDEO - 孫大鉉教授:給新一代的慢城運動 Prof Sohn: Cittaslow: Concept for a Young Generation

在高速發展中慢活 Slowing Down Amidst Development 
孫大鉉教授 / Prof bon sohn

The National Cittaslow Korea Network 統籌 / Cittaslow International 副校長
漢陽大學 旅遊學系 榮譽教授
Coordinator, The National Cittaslow Korea Network / Vice President, Cittaslow International / Professor Emeritus, Department of Tourism, Hanyang University


Reflecting on the low time suffered in Korea after the financial crisis in 1997, Prof bon sohn reckoned that "slowness" could be a way to go. In 2005, he found a possible way forward in the Italian Cittaslow ("Slow City") Movement. As a scholar, educator, and advisor and board member of numerous government bodies and universities, he champions the philosophy of slowness by stressing the importance of fun, seriousness in repetitive daily life, true happiness for contemporary society, as well as Asian values and wisdom. More information :www.MaD.asia