Slow Food USA - Tell Congress to stand with family farmers

When news broke that food and farming programs were being threatened by Congress, we unveiled our Recipe for Change – a simple plan to deal with the nation's budget crisis in a way that supports families and farmers, not lobbyists and industrial agriculture. Since that time, over 7,000 people across the county have endorsed our plan or submitted their own recipes, while the Super Committee – the body entrusted with cutting $1.2 trillion from government programs – has been deadlocked – unsure of what to do.

Show your support. Add your name to the Recipe for Change and tell the Super Committee to stand with families and farmers, not lobbyists and industrial agriculture>>>

To ensure that they hear our plan loud and clear before their Thanksgiving deadline, we're traveling down to D.C. and hand-delivering our recipe this Thursday -- along with the names of each of our endorsers-- directly to each Super Committee Member. Plus -- we'll be delivering these signatures on recipe cards in our own Slow Food USA wooden recipe box! Can we add your name in with the 7,000+ already in our Recipe for Change Box?

Endorse our Recipe for Change now and we'll personally deliver your signature to Congress on Thursday!