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Most of my day is spent in front of the computer, making children's books as a publisher. But away from my desk, I'm a food superhero.

How do I compete with the likes of Iron Man and Wonder Woman? I tell the story of a forgotten potato, the Makah Ozette, rescued from certain death by everyday people like you and me. And then I give kids in my Seattle community the power to do it, too... through their school garden.

You have this power to save defenseless foods, too – by joining Slow Food as a member.
Your Membership Matters

I'm using school gardens to grow the next generation of food superheroes. We talk about the story behind the foods we're planting – each one has a unique history and culture. We experience some of the hardships that go into growing food. And, in the end, we share the satisfaction of tasting a food that was nearly lost forever.

Through this experience, we see how growing and sharing rare, indigenous food connects us to each other, our community and our planet. The kids then know what it's like to make a tangible difference in our food system.

I believe that every school should have a garden, no matter the size.
Sure, school gardens are the perfect place to learn about agriculture, biodiversity and sustainability. But talking about real food isn't just about science. It's also about the history and culture of food, and the pleasure of good food. Food = science + art. This is the added dimension that Slow Food brings to the school garden experience.

Please join the Slow Food Nation, in growing the next generation of food superheroes.

Thousands of rare foods are depending on you.

Member and Local School Garden Coordinator
Slow Food USA

P.S. Remember, your membership with Slow Food is local, national and global. This means you're saving at-risk foods in your backyard and around the world, like a real food superhero. Join today!