Cittaslow Turkey is working on the Cittaslow Metropolis project to slow down life in metropolises with the guidance of Cittaslow philosophy

Turkish National Network

With the project developed in cooperation with Cittaslow International Association and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the slow philosophy will be brought to metropolises. Cittaslow model, which has been carried out in many countries and hundreds of small cities since 1999, has a great execution experience in this respect. The Cittaslow model offers a roadmap for small cities with different conditions and opportunities to provide a better life for their residents without losing the urban spirit and identity. A comprehensive study is needed for the model, applied in small cities for a more peaceful, calm and thoughtful lifestyle, to implement in metropolises as well.  It is not possible to directly carry out the Cittaslow model, which was developed for cities with a population of less than 50 thousand, in metropolises with its millions of inhabitants and different problems and conditions. In order to develop the Cittaslow Metropolis concept, studies has been carried out in İzmir for two years in cooperation with the local administration, academy and civil society. Within the scope of the study, a checklist on how to apply the Cittaslow philosophy in metropolises and Slow Neighborhood program, which explores how this philosophy can be applied at the neighborhood scale, are implemented. The Cittaslow Metropol checklist will provide a roadmap for the metropolitan cities that want to join the Cittaslow network, in which areas and how they will work. The Slow Neighborhood Program, which was developed to disseminate the concept of slowness in the metropolis, includes the determination of social needs with civic engagement and the development of solution proposals with Cittaslow priorities. In this context, the needs of the inhabitants were determined using scientific methods in the two pilot neighborhoods selected, solution proposals were developed and implemented within the scope of the program. These studies and their quantifiable results will be presented to the Cittaslow General Assembly to be held in June.

The statement of Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and International Vice President of Cittaslow Tunç Soyer, who carries out the works in İzmir:

Although "Cittaslow", a combination of the Italian word for "city" and "slow", may be a foreign concept, people of our lands have practiced calm living for centuries.

Established in Italy in 1999, Cittaslow International quickly turned into an association that brought together 282 slow cities of the world, and 10 years after its establishment, included Seferihisar in its structure as the first member from Turkey. After Seferihisar, 20 more adorable towns of Turkey joined this association in 13 years. Ahlat, Akyaka, Arapgir, Eğirdir, Foça, Gerze, Gökçeada, Göynük, Güdül, Halfeti, İznik, Kemaliye, Köyceğiz, Mudurnu, Perşembe, Seferihisar, Şavşat, Uzundere, Vize, Yalvaç, and Yenipazar.

I would like to thank the lovely people of these beautiful cities for the effort they have put forth and the determined solidarity they have created. I wish all Cittaslow residents, who continue their effort and love for each other, to have a wealthy and abundant life. 

Thankfully, for the first time in the history of Cittaslow, our İzmir became a ray of hope for the idea that a metropolis can also be calm. The whole world's eyes are on us and our job is not easy. However; İzmir, which has been presenting the best examples of living together for hundreds of years, will become a 'lighthouse' very soon not only for its immediate surroundings but also for the whole world, with its thousands of years of ancient culture. 

May our path be clear, our journey be slow and peaceful."