Tolfa (Italy) - Kultur Fest 2014, Meeting of Contemporary Cultures



ulture is the key for stimulating a way of life closer to nature:

One of free and shared expression.

This is the spirit of Kultur Fest.

The idea emerged from the already established collaboration betweenScandinavia and the Mountains of Tolfa: A reunion that allows both the individual and collective culture to go beyond their usual boundaries.

The initiative aims to stimulate interaction between generations, and among peers of different cultural backgrounds.
Men and women together for a celebration dedicated to cultural exchange: young people offering their spontaneity, and adults their experience and desire to participate.

The theme of Kultur Fest is Art in all its guises: visual arts, dance, improvisation and music. An event designed for networking, collaboration and dialogue.

The venues for the various performances of Kultur Fest will be theClaudio Theatre of Tolfa and the Italian-Norwegian Cultural Center of San Giuseppe.
The theatre's courtyard offers also an area for art installations, and for relaxation and refreshments.

INFO: http://www.kulturfest2014.com