City to City Barcelona FAD Award 2014

Spanish National Network

Between Cittaslow and the Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, there has been a relationship for years which turned into projects and collaborations on different fields.

Last October in Bologna (Italy), the chief architect of Barcelona Municipality, Vicente Guallart, participated in the Smart Cities Exhibition, meeting some Mayors of Cittaslow.

Together with catalan administration, we are also working on a project called, Cittaslow Metropole, supporting projects to be applied in the big cities. 

Herewith we wish to let you know an award dedicated to projects innovation and good practices on the cities  , organized by Barcelona Municipality, to which award Cittaslow International has been collaborating since 2011 (IAAC  www.iaac.net). The aim of the prize is about recognizing urban transformation processes which are experiencing the cities today and to reward as well as disseminate the best effective and virtuous initiatives.   

They include different kind of actions such as social, architectural, educational, integrated urban planning, transports, social and cutural policies etc.

The result of these processes have to bring a clear benefit to citizens, improving their quality of life and a contribution to the whole city.  

The municipalities interested in applying for the City to City Barcelona FAD Award 2014 can fill in the provided FORM BY 14 MARCH 2014, here: www.citytocity.fad.cat 

Evaluation criteria:

ability of transformation. Improvement for citizens at urban level

simplicity and visions. Matching semplicity and new visions for the city and its inhabitants

innovation. Cooperating to face complex situations

ability of anticipation. the ability to anticipate and prevent future problems, challenges and sceneries.