Sonoma Valley (USA) - Presentation of the Council of Europe's Social Cohesion Action Plan program


The Council of Europe will present the Council of Europe's Social Cohesion Action Plan program in the Library of Sonoma (CA, USA) January 25th at 3:30 PM

The meeting will take place in the downstairs conference room in the Sonoma ValleyVisitor's Bureau (the old Carnegie Library) at 453 First Street East, on the Plaza. 

In this occasion the Coordinator of Cittaslow USA, Virginia Hubbelland the local Authorities of Sonoma Municipality, will welcome Samuel Thirion of Council of Europe-Social Cohesion Research and Early-Warning Division, in charge of the implementation of the Social Cohesion Action Plan of the Council of Europe. In this framework COE developed a methodology for involving citizens in definng well-being of all and progress at local level with the municipalities which is used in different towns of Europe and some of Africa. This methodology, called SPIRAL (see https://wikispiral.org) is very close with Cittaslow objectives and philosophy. In Sonoma will be organized the first "pilot" conference to explain SPIRAL principles and projects into a livingCittaslow community. After Sonoma it will be possible to share that to a wider number of persons, and may be to other municipalities ofCittaslow in California, in order to see which collaboration we could develop.