Sonoma Valley named first Cittaslow in the United States


Sonoma has received the first designation of 'Cittaslow' in the United States. The announcement was made Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009, by Cittaslow International's president, Gian Luca Marconi, in Abbiategrasso, Italy.

Ken Brown, mayor of the City of Sonoma, said, "It's a wonderful honor for Sonoma Valley to be invited to participate, and to be named first American Cittaslow. We're used to being first. The City of Sonoma was the first to raise the Bear Flag for the Republic of California before it was a member of the Union. Sonoma takes this honor seriously, and we're proud to further Cittaslow's philosophy and goals as we move forward." (NBC Bay Area, Wine Country Honored for Being Slow)

A delegation from Cittaslow International is expected to visit Sonoma Valley in January.

(font: www.examiner.com)