The moviment on american journal


This link below from  Huffington Post, is another remarkable piece of coverage for Sonoma Valley. The Huffington Post had readership of 9.8 million individuals last month. Arianna Huffington is very interested in the "slow" movement, and chose Carl Honore's book, In Praise of Slowness as her first book club pick in November. The photo essay in the Huffington Post yesterday (see link below) features Sonoma Valley first, talks about it being the first Cittaslow in the USA, and then adds eight other Cittaslow towns around the world. They include some information on the important ways those other towns in the Cittaslow International network are helping to make their towns sustainable. They are doing a "vote" of the most slow town. The local community buzz following our week with the launch activities and the Italian delegates, Gian Luca and Pier Giorgio, has been exceedingly positive. We all deserve to feel a deep sense of pride in our town and its leadership. Thanks to all. You might like to know that we met with mayors and city council members from three other cities last Saturday morning. Those include Sebastopol, Fairfax, and Arcata. I have already had a letter from Fairfax asking for our help in their application to become the second Cittaslow in the USA. There are a number of other cities that also have indicated interest. I will be working with them and we will form Cittaslow USA, headquartered here in Sonoma, with Sonoma being the leader of the national network.