A Slow Food legacy

Almost everywhere you go in the world today, you can find a McDonald’s, KFC or Taco Bell. Fast food -- is that the legacy we, as Americans, want to leave the world?

Today, we have an opportunity to leave a different legacy -- by helping Slow Food leaders in Africa build 1,000 vegetable gardens.

I hope you saw last week’s email from my colleague, Paolo, and that you are considering a donation toward the Thousand Gardens in Africa project.

Our local project coordinators in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia are depending on us to support their effort to build the next 15 gardens this season.

Can you make a donation in any amount before May 1?

A vegetable garden means healthy, local food for the community, sharing of knowledge from the old to the young, extra income for the village, and a reinforced spirit of collaboration.

Let’s prove that we know what a true “value” meal is  -- one that encourages community collaboration and self-sufficiency, respects cultural traditions and is made with fresh, local ingredients.

Donate $20 or more today and receive an Ingredients DVD, as our way of saying thanks for your support of this important project. Act fast. Quantities are limited.