Slow Food: Good, Clean and Fair Food for Everyone

25 years ago, my friends and I started the Slow Food movement because we believed that we were on the verge of losing something beautiful, basic and essential to life: the diversity of food, the richness of our traditions, the connection between what we eat and how it is produced.

Since then, Slow Food has become the only movement to connect the pleasure of food with social responsibility; fighting for the fundamental right to good, clean and fair food for everyone.

I'm delighted and proud to share this video that captures what our movement has become.

Slow Food is a revolution that has been growing for 25 years, and must keep growing. That's why we are launching our first-ever global membership campaign today.  

If you, too, believe in the central role of food as a bridge to a new form of politics, a new economy and new social relations, then I hope you will join Slow Food today.

Your support of Slow Food gives strength to these powerful ideas. I hope I can count on you as a member.

Sincerely, Carlo Petrini

Slow Food: Good, Clean and Fair Food for Everyone