European Week


Silly, the first Cittaslow town in belgium, next october will host the the "European Week".

The European week - 15 October 2010

The Commune of Silly has always encouraged a feeling of belonging in Europe among the public. For more than 15 years, it has offered its residents activities aimed towards a better understanding of the idea of Europe. Projects intended for both the young and the old, and cultural activities concentrating on a particular region or country have forged strong links between this small town in Hainaut and Europe. In 2008, Silly became the first commune in Belgium to join the Cittaslow network, an organisation that has set standards of excellence in terms of the environment and living space. This initiative also incorporates the Slow Food concept, which Silly can offer simply by availing of local products.

European Week will take place in Silly during October 2010. This project will enable everyone to learn about the other cultures taking part in the fantastic challenge called Europe, while reflecting on the future of European citizenship.

Through concrete activities, we are hoping to stimulate a taste for difference and discovery in every resident in Silly. Offering up the real experiences of our European neighbours to be seen, touched, felt and heard…in short to be lived. By availing of our experience in this area, this seems to be the right time for this project, which will take us on a journey from one country to the next, through a range of experiences.

This project has already been announced as part of the 2010 cultural programme in Silly.