Cittaslow interactive Terminal


Since 23 September 2020, the inhabitants of the municipality of Silly (Belgium) and visitors can discover the new Cittaslow interactive terminal in the municipal park of Silly. Curious visitors can now discover the Cittaslow philosophy via the touch screen of the terminal. They can explore the latest quality of life and well-being projects of the Cittaslow International and Belgium Network, events, local producers and tourist attractions in the 7 Belgium Cittaslow cities (Chaudfontaine, Enghien, Estinnes, Jurbise, Lens, Maaseik and Silly).

Visitors will can soon test their knowledge of Cittaslow in a fun way with a quiz «Are you Cittaslow ?». So if you’re in Belgium, come and have a look at this terminal !

With the support of the Province of Hainaut (Supracommunalité).

More info : www.cittaslow.be