Shinan (COR): ‘Island Village Life School’ opened

Shinan County

The ‘Island Village Life School’ was opened in Docho-do, one of islands in Shinan last month and Mr. Woo-ryang Park (mayor of Shinan), Mr. Yeon-ho Oh (founder of the Ggumtle Efterskole), and Mr. Torben Vind Ramussen (chairman of the Danish Efterskole Association) participated in the opening ceremony with first students.

The school is for everyone who want to see a direction in their life regardless of age and gender, and students will study and work while living together from three nights and four days to three months. 

The first students are over forty people including some teachers from the city of Daegu in south-eastern Corea, graduates from the Ggumtle, and parents. 

(From left in the front row) Mr. Park (mayor), Mr. Ramussen and Mr. Oh


Mr. Park (mayor) delivering a congratulatory speech at the opening ceremony