Reporting progress in SEAP implementation

As previously announced, both the Covenant of Mayors Office (CoMO) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission have been particularly active over the past months in improving SEAP processes already in place and developing the new Covenant Monitoring Framework. More information in our previous communication.
We are very pleased to inform you that these new developments are now available through the extranet (‘My Covenant’). They include a revised version of the SEAP Template and the new Monitoring Template.
Ø  What for?
Similarly to the SEAP Template at the SEAP submission stage, the Monitoring Template constitutes the Covenant Reporting Framework to be filled in by signatories at the monitoring stage. It will therefore allow you to report on your SEAP implementation progress in a structured manner.
Ø  What next?
For now, we advise you to explore the following documents:
-   Comprehensive reporting guidelines (incl. common rules, practical recommendations and concrete examples) which will guide you through the new interfaces;
-   Quick Guide for signatories that have submitted their SEAPs, introducing the key features of the new SEAP template and explaining the SEAP data migration procedure;
-   The SEAP Template and Monitoring Template in PDF format where the new fields and features are highlighted.
This will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the Covenant Reporting Framework. You are then welcome to explore the online version. However, please note that the system is still being fine-tuned and you might experience some technical errors, so it is recommended to wait a few more weeks before starting to fill in your data. In case you come across hindrances or issues that prevent you from your obligatory reporting please contact the helpdesk atinfo@eumayors.eu.
Ø  Reporting requirements & associated timelines
As a reminder, you are committed to:
-   Report on the implementation status of your actions - every two years after having submitted the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP);
-   Provide a complete monitoring report, including a Monitoring Emission Inventory (MEI) - every four years after having submitted the SEAP.
Note for the signatories due to report during 2014: Due to the delay in publishing the monitoring template, your original deadline for submitting the Monitoring Template will be set to 23/02/2015, so that you all have at least six months to become familiar with the reporting framework.
Ø  Coming soon
-   The new templates and the Reporting Guidelines will be translated by our services in all EU languages. Translated versions will be downloadable from the website library in the next few months.
-   The SEAP & Monitoring Templates will also be available in a spreadsheet format (that can be used in most versions of Microsoft Excel). 
The Covenant Helpdesk remains at your availability at info@eumayors.eu should you require any further information.