Report on the activities of Covenant Supporters for the year 2013

Covenant Supporters are European, national or regional networks and associations of local and regional authorities involved in the Covenant of Mayors to promote the initiative, guide their members through the Covenant process, and facilitate the exchange of experiences.

Covenant Supporters are committed to regularly inform the European Commission about their activities. The present report is based on the responses from 57 Covenant Supporters engaged in the Covenant for more than one year1 European and supra-national networks of local and regional authorities. Together, they count around 11000 members, of which approximately 2000 are involved in the Covenant. 

The 2013 report demonstrates the key contribution of Covenant Supporters to the success of the Covenant of Mayors, both in terms of promotion of the initiative and support to its implementation. In addition, the contributions received provide ideas and good practices which will feed into the future development of the Covenant of Mayors and the activities implemented by the Covenant of Mayors’ Office.