Dear Mayors and Delegates of the Cittaslow around the world,

Best Wishes to all of us to imagine a New Year that will be even more important and full of "slow" actions than the one that is about to end: we all know, the "night" of the pandemic is not over at all and the situation remains serious in many countries however a message of commitment and hope that makes us truly optimistic despite everything arrives from all our Cittaslow communities. We must be more and more proud of what we have built, and we all are building together in our cities and towns ...

During the last international Cittaslow Coordination at the end of November in Belluno (Italy), there was legitimate satisfaction with the broad overlap between the United Nations SDGs and Cittaslow's "science based" rating parameters. Take a look at the "Cittaslow tree" in which we have symbolically inserted only one of the parameters for each of the 17 Sustainability Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. From the comparison grid in the attachment, you will see that through Cittaslow you have anticipated the current debate on social and environmental sustainability by over 15 years, preparing in your communities the present and the near future that inevitably see cities as allies of the environment.

Our commitment is renewed for the coming year with new challenges and immense opportunities: among these the experimental start of Cittaslow Academy training courses and the completion of the piloting in Smyrna (Turkey) of the Cittaslow Metropolis project which will allow us to also propose to large city neighborhoods the Cittaslow approach. Among strategic tasks in 2022, also the definition of a new subject of permanent partnership, Cittaslow Youth, to start a reciprocal exchange with the world of young citizens in our cities and beyond.

Thank you all once more for your hard work and best wishes for health and prosperity,

the President, Mauro Migliorini, Mayor of Asolo - the Secretary General, Pier Giorgio Oliveti