The positive aspect of being Cittaslow

Study on the Perceptions of Seferihisar residents for the concept of Cittaslow by Buğra KARABULUT & Selçuk NAS

Aim of the Study

Seferihisar residents' recognition level for Cittaslow.

Their expectations from this movement.

Cittaslow's effects on residents and daily life.

Their proposals for more successful action to expose.


Cittaslow movement was found successful in Seferihisar. 

Cittaslow concept was not understood clearly by all residents of Seferihisar.

Most of the citizens perceive the Cittaslow concept as an economic development model.

Expectations of the young population will not be satisfied with the concept of the Cittaslow. 

Cittaslow movement is a big advertisement tool for Seferihisar. 

Publicity process did not create enough effect in the society.

Success of Cittaslow concept triggered interest of people to Seferihisar and that caused an increase at house prices.

As a further study, the research may be developed to identify problems that may arise in the process of Cittaslow applications and to develop alternative strategies on overwhelming the Cittaslow future's threats.

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Video "Manifest of a Snail" video presented to ICOVACS2012

Manifest of a snail