Perth (SCO) - Enjoy the countryside on a Cittaslow stroll this sunday

Each year, Cittaslow International designates the last Sunday of September as “Cittaslow Sunday” and encourages the 150 Cittaslow towns and cities around the world to organise events and activities that involve locals and visitors in actively celebrating the principles and objectives of the Cittaslow movement.

This year, Cittaslow Perth will celebrate Cittaslow Sunday on 30 September by promoting a series of Cittaslow Sunday Strolls with the help and assistance of local Cittaslow Perth Business Supporters. 

The Cittaslow Sunday Strolls aim to promote the Cittaslow principle of healthy living, by encouraging locals and visitors to enjoy short, healthy walks that explore Perth & Kinross’ outstanding natural environment.

Each walk has been nominated by a local Business Supporter that has adopted Cittaslow principles in its operations. Most of the Business Supporters are open for walkers to enjoy refreshments before or after their stroll and some are offering incentives to people who enjoy a bit of healthy exercise in our beautiful countryside this coming Sunday.

The Cittaslow Sunday Strolls highlight walks throughout Perth & Kinross from Meigle to Muthill and from Grandtully to Kinross.

Launching the Cittaslow Sunday Strolls, Councillor Jack Coburn, Chair of Cittaslow Perth, said,

“Towns and cities across the world will celebrate Cittaslow Sunday in different ways. As Scotland’s first Cittaslow city, we in Perth decided to encourage locals and visitors to get out and enjoy some of our wonderful countryside.

The Cittaslow Sunday Strolls are a fun way for families and friends to get together to enjoy a little light exercise in our clean, fresh air by using our outstanding local networks of walks and footpaths.

And there is no better way to start or end your walk than by sampling some tasty local produce in one of our Cittaslow Perth Business Supporters, each of whom has nominated a walk in their locality.”

Full details of the routes of the Cittaslow Sunday Strolls, and the Cittaslow Perth Business Supporters that have nominated them, can be found at www.cittaslowperth.org.