The World Radio speaks about the necessity of slow down and Cittaslow pattern


"The World" is a co-production of PRX and WGBH that broadcasts from the Nan and Bill Harris Studios at WGBH in Boston, Massachusetts, produced by BBC Broadcast

An interview with the Secretary General of Cittaslow International registered during the most hard period of pandemic in Italy. The core points were the urgency for slow down, the opportunity to test and apply in the cities and little towns new transportations systems and modalities (e.g. New York City, Milan, Tokyo, but also the little Orvieto, the "capitol" of Cittaslow, where there are cable car system, buses, elevators between several multi-level parking areas and the center, bike and e-bike sharing, pedestrian lanes, etc. They are good example of a new approach to circular economy and new sustainable transportation system. 


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