Orvieto (I) - Cittaslow: the value of slowness for the tourism of the future


The conference onCITTASLOW: THE VALUE OF SLOWNESS FOR THE TOURISM OF THE FUTUREwill be organized by theUniversity of Perugia andCittaslow International on 13 and 14 june 2012, in Perugia and Orvieto, Italy.

The conference will seek to reflect and raise awareness on the themes of quality, slowness and local identity as factors that could give a competitive edge in tourist development to less famous destinations. Attention will be given to a new vision of urban economic development in which quality of life, which attracts both residents and tourists, is proposed as a local development strategy that contributes to greater equity and stability within the community. Quality and identity allow the creation of new relationships extending beyond the community, towards models of local development and tourism that require slowness and authenticity. Slowness leads to different lifestyles and patterns of consumption as well as a new idea of wellbeing, all of which affirm a new humanism for a fairer society, promoting sustainable local and tourist development. The phenomenon of slow tourism aims to exalt sense of place and identity and allows the tourist to criticise implicitly other tourist opportunities offered by the market. Slow tourism is a practice possible in those territories where there is a widespread culture of excellence, where development strategies will be successful only if oriented towards the character of the territory and increasing collaboration between all parties, with a view to helping promote not so much a tourist product as an endogenous development of the territories in the perspective of quality and sustainability. In this context Cittaslow sets an example as an urban social movement, but also as a model for local governance, representing the desire of some governments to pursue progress and innovation and to create networks of social and local interests around the theme of quality of life, as opposed to those economic, environmental and territorial choices no longer recognised as the only sources of wellbeing.

Conference Venue:

- 13 June workshop at Università degli Studi di Perugia - Facoltà di Economia - Via Pascoli, 20 - 06123 - Perugia
- 14 June final report at Orvieto - Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Orvieto, Piazza Febei 3 - 05018 - Orvieto (TR)


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