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The city of Orvieto, with its 21,000 inhabitants, is one of the most charming cities of art in Italy. Located in Umbria, it's 100 km far from Rome and 140 km from Florence and easy to reach by plane, train and car. It is a center for courses leading to university degrees (Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering), post-graduate courses (Architecture, Health Psychology, Archeology), as well as specialization courses of prestigious Italian universities.

The plateau with its tufa cliff walls defines the area of the historical center of Orvieto – a stupendous palimpsest of Etruscan, Medieval and Renaissance structures. The city is known for its efficient congress facilities and a qualified service network for hospitality. Restaurants, wine and champagne bars and pubs offer a variety of the fine wines and foods for which Orvieto is famous. These features together with the intact environment, pleasant climate and a system of alternative mobility make the city ideal for meetings, seminars and study days of all kinds.

Not by chance Orvieto, world capital of good living (“Cittaslow”), has hosted important national and international appointments: Slow Food World Congress, Hydrogencities foundation (with J. Rifkin) and it is site of prestigious cultural events during the year which include Umbria Jazz Winter, Barzini Award for the special correspondent (in collaboration with the Corriere della Sera), the International Award for Human Rights, outstanding Art exhibits, Conventions and post-graduate studies of American universities.

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