Cittaslow was presented at OPEN DAYS, the biggest annual get-together on EU regional policy.

For the 8th consecutive year the Committee of the Regions presented, together with the European Commission, the European Parliament, more than 244 regions and cities and another 30 companies, banks and associations, the OPEN DAYS – the  European Week of Regions and Cities, the annual gathering of experts in regional and local development. During more than 115 seminars, about 500 speakers addressed audience of 6.000 participants, which made the OPEN DAYS the biggest annual get-together on EU regional policy.

Tunc Soyer, Mayor of Seferihisar, was one of the speakers at the seminar‘ Inter-Regional Cooperation: Improving Quality of Life’ where inter-regional best practices to improve the quality of life of citizens were shared. Mr. Soyer presented Cittaslow as a model to improve and sustain quality of life and wellbeing of inhabitants and support the sustainable development of cities in a systematic way whose population is less than 50.000 and expressed the importance of city networks in the international sphere as an essential component of the strategy for the internationalization of cities and encouraging territorial cooperation. He analyzed how quality of life in economic, social and environmental areas in Seferihisar has been improved after joining Cittaslow network and how inter-regional partnerships with Cittaslow member cities contributed to this process.

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