Novellara (RE) - Uguali = Diversi ≠


The "slow" cities

The three Reggio Emilia municipalities taking part in the international network of good-living cities, Novellara, Castelnovo ne' Monti and Scandiano, will be offering great hospitality to the delegates from 25 countries, demonstrating the cultural, artistic and culinary excellences they are renowned for. This will be an opportunity for sharing good practices and defining strategic guidelines for the future.

For culture

Links, cooperation, memory, identity, wounds, belonging, living together, the future: these are the questions and opportunities for dialogue at the Uguali_Diversi centre. In its V edition, this cultural event aims to examine new paths of knowledge, study and stimulus for public debate. For the friends of the festival, as always there will be the possibility to take part in workshops, performances, exhibitions and much more besides.

For the territory

Solidarity and cultural reconstruction pact with Mirandola. Because while an earthquake razes homes and public buildings to the ground, in a few moments we risk parts of our common identity. In addition to the need to rebuild and adapt all the buildings, it is now fundamental also to develop innovative projects in the social and cultural field.