Mourning Cittaslow for Liz Jones who left us this morning

It is with great sadness that we write to tell you that Liz Jones died this morning after a short illness.

The President Stefano Pisani and the General Secretary Pier Giorgio Oliveti, in the name of all world Cittaslow Mayors and staff, express  their sorrow and mourning for the loss of Liz Jones from Aylsham (UK), a dear friend, a figure of extraordinary importance for the development of Cittaslow UK and Int’l: "We are sure that you'll know in Aylsham receive from Liz the legacy of an "open commitment" to the local community and the world, that we call Cittaslow".

Friend and colleague Mo says: "Liz worked so hard for 10 years to promote Cittaslow in Aylsham, the UK and worldwide. During that time, she was a founder member of Slow Food Aylsham, Chairman of Cittaslow Aylsham, and also the Chairman of the UK Cittaslow network.   She was also of course a Town Councillor. Aylsham would not have been a Cittaslow without her dedication and enthusiasm.  We will all remember her saying that Cittaslow fitted Aylsham like a glove, as a way of saying that Cittaslow was right for Aylsham.  Her love for Aylsham was always at the heart of everything she did . We will all miss her very much indeed".