Repair Cafés


Fixed it! Repair Cafés

Up and down Wales there are pop-up Repair Café events where members of the community can have their broken household items repaired for free by volunteers. Saving money for the households and preventing that item ending up in landfill.

In Mold, the Repair Café is held on the last Sunday of the month in Parkfields Community Centre. The type of things volunteer fixers try to repair includes clothes, household electrics, technology, sewing machines and bikes.

From June the Bws Benthyg – Borrow Bws, mobile library of things, will visit Mold Repair Café. People will be able to borrow things that they need but don’t own, saving money and space in their homes. This includes equipment for entertainment, rarely used household items or garden tools. It also allows residents to donate things they no longer need, helping to reduce waste.

Training and advice will also be offered to encourage people that want to work towards a more Circular Economy, creating a culture of repair and re-use. There is increasing public concern over the growing emergency of unsustainable growth in landfill and waste.


Bob, one of the volunteer fixers, repaired this lamp at Mold Repair Cafe.