Borrow Bus in Mold


Bws Benthyg - Borrow Bus launches in North East Wales 

The eye-catching green Borrow Bus will offer residents the chance to save money, reduce household clutter and do their bit for the environment.

Bws Benthyg – the long-awaited mobile Library of Things – will start making its rounds of North East Wales this June. It will allow residents to borrow things that they need but don’t own, saving money and space in their homes. This includes equipment for entertainment, rarely used household items or garden tools. It also allows residents to donate things they no longer need, helping to reduce waste.

The project brings the Library of Things idea to rural communities of North East Wales, building on a similar approach piloted in Devon and fixed-location versions elsewhere in Wales including Monmouth,  Swansea and Cardiff. The idea supports Wales’ world-leading Circular Economy Strategy and regional towns’ commitments to sustainability through Cittaslow (Mold and Llangollen) and Plastic Free Town awards (Llangollen, Mold, Ruthin). 

Bws Benthyg – Borrow Bus in English – has been established as a partnership project between local organisations and community groups including the Repair Café teams in Mold, Denbigh and Ruthin, Drosi Bikes and Friends of Pengwern in Llangollen, and Crest in Llandudno. The project is led by reSource, a community interest company based in Ruthin. Funding for the pilot project has been provided by Climate Action Fund of the National Lottery.

Janine Cushworth, director of reSource said: “Bws Benthyg will give people an easy way to borrow items like gardening tools, household items, equipment for parties or entertaining and so on for very little cost. At this time when we are all feeling the pinch, we hope that the Bws will help people to save money by not having to buy items they need, whilst also reducing waste, by putting unused or unwanted items lurking in people’s attics or sheds to good use.”

As the pilot develops, it is hoped the Library of Things will link with regional repair cafes, loaning tools to trainee fixers to help repair and reuse broken equipment. It also hopes to offer access to new technology to help promote a circular economy such as plastic recycling granulators and a 3D Printer. This would help interested residents in the three towns gain expertise using such items, building skills for jobs and opportunities for innovation.

The Bws will have a regular schedule of visits to Mold, Denbigh, Llangollen and Ruthin with village stops on request. Last mile delivery may be available using the cargo bike, with deliveries prioritised for those with mobility / access issues. Check out bws benthyg facebook and social media for the latest information.