Another Cittaslow Mold story involving children


"At the Mold Food and Drink Festival on the Cittaslow Mold stall we
featured what people can do to 'reduce, reuse and recycle' in order to minimise
waste. This is a theme we promote regularly.

For children we had an activity making birds out of recycled plastic
bottles (for the body), old cardboard (for the wings and beak) and decorated with feathers (from poultry)

Lots of glue and glitter. Children love it and they made 367 birds at the
2 day event

All our childrens' activites are free

Whilst the children are busy we can talk to their parents about recycling
and offer advice and information, along with discounted water butts,
composters, and recycling collection boxes and bags

Andrea Mearns
Cittaslow Mold