An environment Cittaslow month


"An environment Cittaslow Month" event, at the ceremony of closure the Mayor Tommaso Triberti with town councillor Francesca Farolfi, have invited Barbara Paron, Coordinator Cittaslow Italy, and Secretary General Pier Giorgio Oliveti, representing Cittaslow int'l. Interesting meeting with young representatives (Lucia, Lucrezia and Erica) from Marradi Cittaslow, inventor of the event "Marradi, stai green"

Marradi remain green! The Cittaslow municipality is committed on several projects and actions in favor of the environment (e.g. the public lights efficiency by new led lamp, new heating systems in schools, public buildings and in the next at the local theatre, waste policies, etc.), but every citizen is called to cooperate day per day with personal commitment and little action (look picture of folder "Adesso tocca a te"/ now it's up to you. The "Relamping of the public lighting" is a typical win win project: in a town of about 3000 inhabitants in one year 2018 they were been saved 291.961 kWh, that means 54,48 Tep/year or 54,42 CO2 Ton in the air less, and in the same time a significant earning of money for the municipality to reinvest in other social and environmental projects.