Cittaslow is increasingly active and recognized by institutional bodies and businesses even in the Land of the Rising Sun. And in this regard, a message from Japan has just arrived from the Cultural and International Affairs Division of the Municipality of #Maebashi signed by the Mayor, #RyuYamamoto and the Councilor for International Relations, #MakotoTokunaga,.

The letter is addressed to Cittaslow and directly to #RobertaTardani, Mayor of #Orvieto, a city that has been twinned with Maebashi from years, "to thank her once again for her continued support for the friendship between our cities and for the letter of encouragement she has given us, sent last summer ". Ryu Yamamoto also informs that this year he has decided to "support the spirit of Cittaslow by applying the association's logo to the badges of our 2,900 municipal employees. Within the Tourist Office we have also opened a new "Section for Promotion of Cittaslow", with which we will work to promote new projects that contribute to the creation of a future of greater happiness and well-being ".

The decision to make the badges with Cittaslow - informs the Mayor - was adopted after being positively evaluated by both, municipal employees and the citizens of Maebashi themselves, who in times of COVID-19 are increasingly aware of the importance of living in a Cittaslow . "We are sure - concludes the message - that the city of Orvieto is also making the best effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Hoping that the situation will be resolved and that the exchange between our two cities will resume as soon as possible, we continue to pray for the well-being of the city of Orvieto and its citizens". "The pandemic has upset our lives and every type of social relationship - says the mayor of Orvieto, Roberta Tardani - has pushed us away by imposing distancing on us as a tool to protect us but paradoxically, never as before, it has united us with all the World in this fight against a single and devious common enemy. In this year we have fought against something totally unknown and unexpected, we have experienced moments of enormous pain alternating with the relief of every news of healing and we have discovered a great and wonderful community that is generous and full of humanity. And this is real wealth. For this reason, despite everything, I look to the future with hope and trust. I thank the mayor and the city of Maebashi for their solidarity and closeness, also witnessed by these small but symbolic gestures that bring our communities together. Every initiative that allows us to promote our territories and the philosophy of the Slow Cities - he continues - adds an important piece to the work we are carrying out which, it is everyone's wish, once the health emergency is over will allow us not only to consolidate relationships international relations and friendships but above all to make millions of visitors discover Orvieto all over the world through the Cittaslow network".