Spring Coordinating Committee



It was held in the last three days in the lovely Belgian region of Limburg, the homeland of the famous painter Hubert van Eyck, at a few kilometers from the other two Cittaslow of Echt-Susteren (NL) and Selfkant (D). In the occasion it was signed by the three Mayors of the Cittaslow neighbors , an innovative cross borders MoU between three towns and communities in the name of the Cittaslow spirit: like pres. Pisani said: "...it opens the door to other similar letter of intents between several Cittaslows in the world". Saturday 17 March President Stefano Pisani and Vice President Vicarius Arnoud Rodenburg have managed the important political meeting at the presence of many delegates from the National committees, from a South Korea to France, from Poland to Germany, from Turkey to China, from Nederland to Italy, etc. We have discussed on details of many issues and of the project started or on starting by the Cittaslow Int'l HQ, the urban planning, Cittaslow agriculture, Cittaslow tourism (presentation of the the first pilot project professional package), Cittaslow Education Best practices, the new Project of Cittaslow Market following the new Regulations. Thanks very much to the mayor of Maaseik , Jan Creemers, and to the all Municipality staff for the organization, with Christian Leclerque coordinator of Belgian committee and to Sabine Storme from Silly, to the Mayor of Echt Susteren (NL), Jos Hessels for the warm welcoming and to Herbert Corsten , the Mayor of Selfkant Cittaslow of The close Germany, with the National Coordinator Manfred Door. Last but not least, thanks to Herman Daniels the ceo of Intellisol , a smart innovative initiative on the green energy sector, that have support and host the meeting www.intellisol.be.