Youth City Council from Lubawa on a visit at the fellow Youth City Council from Olsztynek


Young councilors from Lubawa, basing on the example of Olsztynek, had a chance to get to know the standard of functioning of the institution of the Youth Council.

Youth City Council from Olsztynek has been operating for 10 years and now it is already the 5th term. As part of its activities it performs number of tasks related to the protection of the environment, spreading of the idea of self-government among young people. They are also actively involved in the preparation of investment projects aimed at young people. Active work of Youth City Council in Olsztynek has already been awarded several times eg. at the Cittaslow International Assembly in the Netherlands and it received for its work the Prize of the Marshal of Warmia Masuria Region "Laurels Best of the Best".
Youth councilors from Lubawa has a possibility to visit the city of Olsztynek. After a walk youth form Lubawa took part in a session of the Youth City Council from Olsztynek. After the ceremony, there was a short discussion, during which young people exchanged their experiences and insights.
The meeting was held in the frames of cooperation of Cittaslow cities, where one of the main objectives is to share good practice between cities.