Levanger (N) - Orvieto (I) youth exchange: results

We have finally come to an end with the results of the groupwork from the exchange project between the Cittaslow of Levanger (N) and theCittaslow of Orvieto (I). It has been very interesting and useful both groups of young people of the two towns.  Many of the youth have made strong relations, and some have found  new friends.

One of the goals of the exchange was to develop some new criteria suggestions that also included youth aspects. There were many good suggestions and the three most mentioned topics with a youth dimension was.:  youth center/ activity areas, youth influence, and exchanges.

 The final aim of this project is also to contribute to rewrite in more criteria-like language, the suggestion will be:

The cittaslow cities should work towards:

The existence of youth activity areas, and a youth center. 

A policy for involving youth in politics and decisions concerning youth topics. For example having a youth council.

Promoting cooperation and exchanges with other cittaslow cities, also on the youth level.

Read the PPT Levanger (N) - Orvieto (I) youth exchange: results from cittaslow

Prosjektleder : Frode S. Ugelstad

Levanger Ungdomshus

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Comune di Orvieto

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