Lefke (TRNC) - 2nd Strawberry Trek


2nd STRAWBERRY TREK:  2nd of Yeşilırmak Strawberry Trek took place on Sunday 27th March. The event started at 09.00 at Vouni Palace, the only ruin left from the Persian Empire in Cyprus and  continued towards to the area called “Daughter of Paradise” in where there is a chapel contributing to beleif tourism aspects of Lefka region. After 500 meters the trekkers reached the pirate cave and then visited  the largest verigo grape vine in Cyprus which is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. Yeşilırmak village is associated with strawberry producing and the trek indicates the beginning of the strawberry season. 2nd Strawberry Trek organised by the contribution of Municipality of LEfke, Lefke Tourism Association, Yeşilırmak Association and Vouni King Restaurant. At the end of the trek, LEfke Municipality Folk Dance group performed a folk dance show representing the culture of the region. Mayor of Lefke Mr. Aziz Kaya and Minister of Tourism Mr. Faiz Sucuoğlu participated to the nature walk.