South Korea's Jeonju recertified as Cittaslow

Jeonju City

South Korea's traditional city of Jeonju has been reauthorized as a slow city by Cittaslow International in recognition of its efforts to preserve traditions and nature, a city official said Tuesday.

Notable is that the scope of the certification as a slow city this time has been expanded from the Hanok Village in the city to the entire city, the official said.

"Cittaslow International highly praised Jeonju's notable efforts and performances for the last five years and officially grants the recertification of Jeonju as a Cittaslow member town for the next five years," the official quoted the international organization as saying in its recertification letter sent to Jeonju city late last month.

Evaluations for recertification included landscape management and maintenance of the Hanok Village, revitalization of neighborhood business districts, the protection of traditions and the spread of Cittaslow awareness by local residents and visitors, according to the official.

Launched in Italy in 1999, Cittaslow International is an organization with the goal of improving the quality of life in towns by slowing down its overall pace, and its movement is part of the social trend known as the slow movement.

Since it was first authorized as a slow city in November 2010, Jeonju has seen a sharp increase of tourists, with their number soaring from about 3.5 million that year to 9.65 million last year, the official said.

"We'll attend Cittaslow Assemblies set for June in Portugal and Spain, and visit member slow cities to map out our second-term slow city development plan by the end of August, "the official said.