Jeonju City

As people have lost humanity in the unprecedented high speed era, communities have been split and ruined by the past 100-year industrialization. To date, most advanced countries in the world have concentrated on policies to promote economic growth, and it sacrificed the 3S, soul, soil, and society for high-speed growth. Now it is time to focus on the new levels of 3S, slow, small, and sustainable as core values in our society for ancient future. Cittaslow Jeonju, a town of slowness and happiness invites you to the forum to seek out suggestions and insights for the town to pave the way for an information supplier of slowness. All we hope you show lots of attention and support for it.

Jeonju city in Korea hosts 'Jeonju World Slowness Forum and Slowness Award 2017', the world's first Slowness Forum and Award. It will be held for three days from Nov. 1 in Jeonju Hyanggyo and other parts of the Jeonju city. The forum will be held under the slogan "World Asks, Jeonju Answers" and Jeonju will share its slow city ideologies with other slow cities in the world and network. The first Slowness Award will honor individuals and groups who have carried out the philosophy and goals of the slow city movement. Award winners are Seoul Metropolitan Government, Yeongseok Na of CJ E&M PD Team and Poet Suckju Jang, who authored "The Aesthetics of Slowness and Emptiness" and Italy Cittaslow Asolo, Australia Cittaslow Katoomba and Miguel Anxo Fernandez Lores, mayor of Pontevedra, a Spanish city without cars.