Jeonju (COREA): ecoFOOD & cittaSLOW Forum 2014

Jeonju City

Cittaslow Jeonju held "ecoFOOD & cittaSLOW Forum" in Korea Traditional Culture Center, Cittaslow Jeonju, Corea on October 23, 2014.

The purpose of the forum is as follows; Enjoying worthy and slow food is the fundamental right of human beings. Agriculture is a representative slow industry, and food is from environmentally sound agriculture. We will introduce the term of ecoFOOD (Ecological, Cultural, and Organic) and encourage the conceptualization and use ofecoFOOD instead the words of local food or slow food. We expect the forum to reinterpret the meaning of food within the Cittaslow philosophy and rediscover ecoFOOD as a new marketing brand for quality of life.

Seung-Su Kim, mayor of Cittaslow Jeonju gave a congratulatory message and prof. bon sohn, Coordinator of the National Cittaslow Corea Network did a keynote speech, followed by presentations as below.

Community Activities and Organic Agriculture in Japan(Mr. Hamada Michinori / Representative of Slow Food Convivium, Miyazaki-Aya, Japan)

Importance and Cases of Taste Education in Cittaslow Silly(Ms. Sabine Storme / Representative of Convivium Slow Food, Cittaslow Silly, Belgium)

Remove GMO Foods from Your Table! (Prof. Eun-Jin Kim / Professor of Law School, Wonkwang University, Corea)