Representatives from China Attend Cittaslow Forum Jecheon

Jecheon City

Representatives from China Cittaslow Yaxi attended Cittaslow Forum held in Jecheon, South Korea on October 1st, 2013. Cittaslow Forum lasted for three days, and representatives and experts from Japan, the USA, and South Korea attended it and talked about features and advantages of cittaslow in their countries.

Representatives from Cittaslow Yaxi elaborated the effects of Tourism Festival of Golden Rape Flower, and showed the development mode from the aspects of planning, service and environmental protection facilities, plants landscape, ecological environment, rural tourism, cittaslow concept and culture. Yaxi combines rape flowers landscape and cittaslow concept, which makes "tasting the slow life, enjoy happiness together" the portrayal of Yaxi people and spread the attitude toward life that going back to the nature and enjoy rural life. Cittaslow creates a new mode for harmonious development of human beings.

The forum is held for sharing cittaslow practices and promoting cittaslow network. Every cittaslow is responsible for promoting the concept of cittaslow with the core that keep the local culture, spirit, protect ecological environment, and maintain the local customs and features.