Jecheon (COREA): Preserving and making Cittaslow Local Traditional Liquors

Jecheon City

Cittaslow Jecheon held a 9-week program to educate residents how to make local traditional liquors for the purpose of preserving them and encouraging people who make them in the town of Sudan every Tuesday since June 10. The program ranged from the fermentation of malt (boiled soybean lamps) to distilling liquors.

Mr. Jin-Hak Kim, representative of Cittaslow Jecheon Committee said, "It is expected that people who make local traditional liquors in the area of Susan have a chance to be a liquor master and make efforts to preserve the authenticity of local traditional liquors.
For more information, please visit the website of Cittaslow Jecheon (http://slowcityjecheon.com).