A Happy Cittaslow with a Slow Snail

To All of the Cittaslow Members

First six Asian Cittaslow in Corea, a "Friend of Cittaslow", and a "Supporter of Cittaslow" cordially invite all of you at the 2010 International Cittaslow Assembly, where you will experience a unique set of programs and strive the harmony of fast/slow, quantity/quality of life, and globalization/localization.

The 2010 Assembly will be a good chance to show brilliant networking among our family member towns. For booking preparation of the Assembly, please let us know if you can attend the Assembly as soon as possible. And please help us to collect logo marks and photos of your towns for an Assembly Special Exhibit (see the submission list of logo marks and photos as of May 18).

Visit Corea next month and enjoy our Cittaslow Assembly Festival!