Groasis Academy ~ How to face "the food challenge" ~ Speak with our most experienced partner

Speak with our most experienced partner, the University of Valladolid, during the Groasis Academy

At this moment, The University of Valladolid does our biggest Waterboxx project, Life+ The Green Desert reforestation project. They have more experience than anyone. We often have a new post of their great work and progress. The project has over a 91% survival rate in the most extreme places of Spain. You find a project overview, links to photos and movies on this page. Professor Fermin A. Laurido Farnaga of the University of Valladolid will give a presentation at the Groasis Academy and will be available for all participants to speak with!

The Groasis Academy teaches you how to handle “the food challenge”

In our blog called ‘Wealth creation, part 2’ we talk about the fact that in the coming 35 years the world’s population will grow 50%. How can we feed all these people? Do we have enough soil to feed them? In the book "The Treesolution” we explain how important the role of the tree can be to the solution of what we call “the food challenge”.
There are 2 billion hectares of wasteland – manmade deserts – that have the potential to be productive again. At the Groasis Academy you can learn how to plant this type of soil – in general characterised by heavy droughts – with the Groasis Technology without using irrigation. Subscribe now to be part of this exciting course and feel comfortable that we can indeed face “the food challenge” without fear!

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