Green String Farm

Welcome to the heat of summer...
It's been a hot season thus far and we are happy to announce that our tomato crop is in full swing. Large beefsteaks, cherry tomatoes, medium slicers, and sauce tomatoes are all in abundance. We have a lot of customers asking for "heirlooms," referring to the larger, ribbed, and beefsteak varieties. For a quick lesson in food lingo--an heirloom can refer to any type of vegetable: tomatoes, squash, apples, herbs, cucumbers, etc. What makes an heirloom is not how it looks, but how it has been grown for generations. Like a family heirloom, an heirloom plant has been passed on from generation to generation of seed savers. An heirloom seed has been open-pollinated, so it can be saved and planted again in the following years. The opposite of an heirloom is a hybrid, and unlike the heirloom, the hybrid seeds cannot be replanted, they are sterile. Most sustainable farmers prefer heirlooms because they can save seed and save money. Saving seed is a sustainable practice: it is economically efficient and allows you to be self-reliant.
Our public farm tours are every first Saturday of the month at high noon.
If you would like to book a private tour, please contact Green String Farm Store Manager, Lucy O'Dea at lucy@greenstringfarm.com or call us at 707-778-7500